1. Photographed in a dance studio in York today. Really fun day shooting.

  2. Bit of a behind the scenes image for the images i’m working on for my final year project at uni.

  3. Stephen Bradshaw // Halifax

  4. Insatellites @ The Cockpit // Leeds

  5. Insatellites @ The Cockpit // Leeds

  6. Heather Stead // Bradford

    Another shot from my on going project. 

  7. Jay Thomas // Halifax

  8. Jay Thomas // Halifax

  9. Jay Thomas // Halifax

  10. Heather Stead 

  11. Robin Short // VW Golf Mk2

    Canon 7D // 17-40mm L USM

    1/16 f/4.0 iso6400

  12. VW Gold Mk2 

  13. Dissertation work is taking over my life. Can’t wait to finish uni so i can just get on with what i love. 

    Not been updating my blog as much as i would like due to the amount of work i have to do at uni for my final year. So here is a picture of me procrastinating and doing anything but writing my dissertation.  

    Also the first image of 2014. 

  14. Scary drop while on a shoot today. 

  15. Jack Prince // Bradford 


    Ilford HP5 PLUS 400